Divine Chaos & Harmony // Virgo Season Feelings

Everything in its place, and a place for everything.

Virgo season is here and we are being asked, in short, to clean our act up. To Spiritually, emotionally, physically "clean house".

Analytical Virgo asks us to look meticulously at our own lives, what are we allowing into our space? into our homes? into our bodies? does it have a place? is it helping or hurting? can we let this go?

Virgo season helps us look at our lives and to see them more clearly.

Virgo also rules Health and the Gut, so at this time we may be more inclined to notice the connection between what we feed our bellies and the way it affects our mind, body and spirit. This energy is perfect for embracing a healthy lifestyle and honoring our bodies with nourishing foods and we will feel so much better when we do. Alternatively, during this energy we may be more hard on ourselves for indulging in unhealthy foods and getting a belly ache!

This energy for me personally, has been so welcomed. I have had the inspiration to deep clean and organize my home, recycle old documents, tackle paperwork, get my finances in order, write and journal, and focus on healing! mind, body, spirit healing. I fell off the wagon a bit during Leo season but Virgo season has me back into my daily rituals of teas and sticking to heal(thy) nourishing foods.

Beauty and Balance even in Chaos

Even though we are feeling the need now to get organized, it doesn't mean we should be hard on ourselves for all of our parts that don't fit. Opposite Earthy Virgo, is Watery Pisces. And there in lies the lesson.. Pisces thrives in Chaos and reminds us that beauty and brilliance often come disguised as messy mistakes.

Embrace the Virgo energy.

Be cleansed.

Get Healed.

Use it to get practical work done towards your dreams.

Just remember that even if the here and now is a mess, that's okay.

There is still magic, beauty and medicine to be found in the chaos.

Today (September 13th 2018) Mercury in Virgo opposes Pisces in Neptune. We may want to escape reality and focus on our dreams. That's okay too. Pisces reminds us that our dreams have power, and that all our hopes exist first in the Spirit realm before manifesting into the physical.

Be mindful of your dreams that keep returning..

There is magic in the way you've been yearning..

Believe that what you seek is seeking you and keep working towards it with an open heart and patience. Slow steady cultivation births the sweetest fruit... ALL is falling, into place.

love jus.

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