Dream Talk & The Importance of Listening to the Messages from the Other side…

I believe in the magic of dreams.

I believe in the messages & inspiration that can come through the spirit realm into our subconscious. I believe we have the power to communicate with, visit and be visited by other spirits, even the dead, all while sleeping.

My dreams have been particularly vivid lately and I am of the belief that when our dreams become more vibrant, and the messages more clear, that is when it is most important for us to pay attention to them, to what is trying to come through them, to us, so that it may come ::through:: us. Our dreams and visions are unique to each of us as individuals, based on our own unique spirit, ancestry, past and experiences. This means that the messages coming through are for us to tell, and to deny them, or quiet them, would be to deny a part of the self. Our true, full self. Denial of the self can lead to manifestations of illness both emotionally and physically. I would like to start using this space to share of my true self, authentically. And for me, that means sharing dreams.

I recently had a dream that I was walking through a beautiful forest, and I came upon a perfect circle of flowering trees.. Apple trees I believe. There seemed to be light shining on and from this circle of blossoming trees and there were petals falling majestically.  I walked up and stood there in the center surrounded by the trees with light pink petals blanketing the ground.. I felt so safe and happy there. But I left.. I left the center of healing light and walked on through the dark forest in search of what? I don’t know.  I walked on and on as an uneasy feeling grew until I was at the edge of the forest, on a cliff overlooking the ocean. I wanted to go down to ‘mother ocean’, I remember calling her by name in my dream, ‘Mother Ocean’.  As I walked down to sea she tried to swallow me up. The water had appeared calm from the cliff but as I got closer the waves grew bigger. I tried to go back up into the forest but then it sealed shut, a large white industrial door came down and sealed off the forest.. and I was cast into the rising sea.

The dream keeps reappearing in my mind, I keep seeing the circle of trees with their glowing light and falling petals. I believe it to be a symbol for my center. My heart center. When I am living in my truth, in my heart center, grounded in source, I am my ::self:: my true self manifested in this physical plane. Within that center, I am most in line with my true spiritual path. The message coming through is that I need not wander from my center, everything I seek is within and when I am in that space ::spiritually:: I will align with my true path, I need not charge on in look of fulfillment, it is here, it is now.

Thanks for reading folks! Please feel free to comment with interpretations or share your dream messages and experiences with the dream realm.

Much love flower sniffers! xx

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