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& Virgo Full Moon Musings ·

The moon is full in Virgo as I write this. Virgo is the Earth sign that rules Health and Service. The theme that has been growing for me over this last moon cycle is EMPOWERED HEALING. ·

When I heal myself, truly & fully, letting go of ALL that doesn't serve my highest good, it heals the earth. I believe this to be true for us all. This concept is the driving force behind all my work. It has been proven true to me again and again. ·

Many of you who follow me may know that I often talk about my eczema being one of the main reasons I was drawn to herbalism & started making my own skincare. When I began working with plants I felt so empowered in my healing. I felt free from my dependence on store bought skincare and prescription creams and it felt so good. I'm sure any of you out there reading this, who have healed your own ailments through your own efforts know the feeling I am describing. ·

Fast forward to about a month ago when I had been neglecting my self-care and had a big realization. My body was ringing ALL the alarms, trying to get my attention and set me back on my heart's path. ·

I realized I had cut out all of the toxic skincare from my life, but I was still eating toxic foods. I was reminded that food medicine is the first & best medicine.

If you give your body the right foods, it heals itself. Once I started doing more research I discovered I had been eating a lot of foods that I deemed healthy but that actually trigger eczema break-outs. ·

Fast forward to now: The past 2 weeks I have been avoiding the "Itchy Dozen" worst foods for eczema outlined in the Eczema Detox book (You can also find them through google), drinking daily liver healing teas, & using my new Skin Savior herbal hand butter.

Now my skin is happy and I'm feeling MORE empowered in my own healing than ever before. ·

I just want to remind you that YOUR BODY LOVES YOU! Even on days when you want to crawl out of your skin. Your body wants to talk! It communicates with you the only way it can. For me, the most empowering thing was learning to listen to what the pain in my body was trying to tell me.

I understand that this is not universal for everyone or all illnesses, but for me and my healing journey with Eczema learning to listen to what body was trying to tell me made such a huge difference. And everyday I am still learning and becoming more empowered in my own body.

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