Healing Auras

Our Auras are made of light and sounds, wavelengths and frequencies that vibrate outside of our visible spectrum. Although some people do have the gift of seeing Auras, most of us cannot. Other species, like the Bird, are able to see a much larger range of colours in the spectrum. I believe they can see Auras too.

When we are healthy, truly healthy there will be balance and harmony between mind, body and spirit. In this state of balance, the body will be free of dis-ease, energy and life force will flow freely and the aura will shine a beautiful rainbow in relation with our Chakra wheels. When we are in dis-ease, or dis-harmony, and unbalanced, in short, we become sick. When we are not in alignment with our Spirit we can harbour disease and illness.

When we are ill our Chakras are unbalanced, and energies may be blocked, these unbalances and blockages show within the aura as different colours or hues. The physical body and Aura naturally want to be in a state of balance and as we learn about ourselves, and let our true Spirit be free we can seek to achieve balance and wellness of mind, body and spirit. The Aura itself can be healed by finding out what is out of balance and seeking to bring it back into equilibrium, by using vibration we can change certain frequencies and bring health back into alignment. 

To get a sense of your personal Aura, you need to get in touch with you. The true you. Underneath it all. The Spirit waiting to be set free. Life picks away at many of us, we hide parts of ourselves for work or out of fear or necessity. Sometimes we hide so much of our true Self that our Spirits and hearts suffer, we become riddled with diseases of mind and body but we trudge on because we must. Bills need be paid, or someone needs our attention, etc.. But you and your health are priority. 

Self-care is our personal responsibility, and is the only way to collectively heal and move forward into this new age. Self-healing doesn't need to be a chore. In fact it's beautiful. It's about taking care of you and coming into alignment with your divine purpose. Take the time to get in touch with your Spirit. Ask yourself the important questions. Are you Happy? Are you stressed? Do you take an active role in your own healing? When was the last time you danced or felt free? When was the last time you made yourself a meal with every color of the rainbow? When did you last communicate your emotions? Be honest with yourself. It won't take long to find out if there are parts out of balance.

::: {   A l i g n i n g  W i t h  N a t u r a l  R h y t h m s  } :::

Even though most of us cannot physically feel or see our Aura, you can often sense it. The way you can feel someone watching you before you see them, or the way you can feel someone coming up behind you before you hear them. They entered your Auric field.

Every sentient being, from Wild Rose to Seagull has an Aura. Everything vibrating at different frequencies. A great dance, some notes coming together to create a pleasing song, others clashing and creating disharmony. When you understand that everything has a vibration and a frequency, and our Aura radiates out from our physical body extending into the Universe, we begin to see how we are aligned with natural rhythms. When we are in balance with ourselves, we are in balance with the universe and our divine purpose.

Do what makes your spirit soar and feel free. Do what makes you feel jovial and happy. Do what makes your inner child feel nourished. Listen to the little voice inside calling out..

Come into alignment with your true Self.

And your Aura will shine with every colour of the rainbow ~

Practical tips for changing frequencies & healing the aura:

  • Aromatherapy and Essential oils can aid in balancing the chakras

  • Plant medicine in the form of Tincture and/or Flower essences to help maintain wellness and vitality

  • Sit with nature, plants have healing Auras. Just sitting with some plants can have a very calming and balancing effect on the body & Aura

  • Nutrition, home cooked nutritious meals engage creativity. Nourishing to mind, body and soul.

  • Bath Therapy ~ a therapeutic bath can be as simple as submerging the body in water

  • Listening to Music ~ lovely healing way to connect with spirit and change frequencies

  • Journal Writing, and or creative writing, soul on to paper

  • Colour Therapy ~ wearing or eating or painting etc.. with certain colours to engage those Chakras

  • Art Therapy ~ create something! doesn't have to be good, just let it be honest

  • Meditation ~ this is so important for so many reasons. it can help in clearing the energy, not just your own, but the energy around you.

  • Exercise & Motion, Move your body, Dance if you can

  • Massage, both auric & physical massage therapy

  • Reiki & Energy Healing

  • Smoke cleansing & other forms of spiritual protection ~ Protect your energy! (this could be a post in itself)

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