Roses For Healing Hearts

Updated: Oct 12, 2018

Rosa Rugosa, Newfoundland CA


Roses can be hard to describe in a practical way.

They are more suited to poetry.

Divine and sacred, ethereal and magic.

Humans have long been enamored with the rose.

Their tender petals and sharp thorns mirror back to us the pains and pleasures of our own human experience and just being in the presence of a sweet fragrant rose is healing to our hearts.

There is much evidence supporting the medicinal benefits of Roses. Energetically the rose is known to be cooling and drying and can be used to dry congestion, tone tissues and calm inflammation. However, they can be moistening depending on preparations (like a steeped fresh rose petal tea applied to skin) Rose Medicine is an anti-viral and promotes bile flow which makes it protective and a decongestant of the liver and it can be great for calming allergies. Divinely feminine, roses are also known to help regulate the menstrual cycle and ease menstrual pain. These effects are all lovely and important to note, but where the rose really hits us, is in our hearts.

Physically the rose enters the body and has a cardiotonic effect, stimulating the heart which is good for our circulation. Deeply connected to the heart chakra, rose healing is so much more than the physical effects. When connecting with Rose daily either through teas, tinctures and/or meditation they work to actually help recondition our nervous system and are a tremendous ally to anyone after surviving abuse or trauma. They can be an anti-depressant and mild sedative, but more than that they help us to heal our broken hearts and work through our emotions with strength.

Roses are an ally during these turbulent times. When depression and anxiety are at an all time high and many of us seek numbing drugs that pull us farther from our heart space, rose offers something truly beautiful. A medicine to open our hearts and help us to truly feel this human experience.

Rosa Rugosa, in September, Newfoundland CA

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