All-purpose healing balms that can be used head to toe, from lips to feet and everywhere in between. To aid in healing of dry skin, irritations, wounds, chapped lips, eczema, sun burns, blisters etc... Made from Sunny Calendula Flowers and Sunflower oil these balms are lovely for helping us connect with our inner sun --- promoting inner & outer radiance ✨Calendula is an anti-inflammatory herb with a long history of being used to treat skin issues. The balms are made with naturally vitamin rich Almond and Sunflower oil which both help to hydrate and heal the skin. As someone who suffers from Eczema break-outs on my hands I found that using this balm made my skin feel softer and stronger from the very first use. After just 3 days deep wounds were healing and my hands were much softer and not sore. These are made with Just 4 ingredients: Organic locally garden grown Calendula flowers infused in high quality organic Sunflower and Sweet Almond Oils held with Locally sourced Newfoundland Beeswax.

Calendula Balm - For Dry, Sensitive & Irritated Skin - 2 oz Glass Jar

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