Something from the earth, 
to help you love and care for your earthy body.

Each jar contains a mixture of activated charcoal powder and pure bentonite clay.

You can then mix this with either water, rose water, apple cider vinegar and/or honey. You can really get creative! But even just spring or distilled water is nice. Together the blend of charcoal and clay is so rejuvenating to the skin and can be used on other areas too not just on the face. ·

A mask made with natural clay and charcoal helps to deep cleanse the skin, relieve and heal blemishes and acne, soothe and heal bites, cuts and skin irritations, balance oily skin and tighten the skin which reduce the look and size of pores.

Comes in glass jar.- 1.5 oz

Charcoal & Clay - Rejuvenating Mud Mask Mix


    About Us


    Wildflower Co. is a woman owned and operated small business honouring self-care.  Wildflower Co. is committed to using 100% Natural High Quality and Ethically Wildcrafted Herbs and Botanicals to create nurturing skincare. All Wildflowers gathered from the shores and meadows of Newfoundland were done so with the most respect and care. 

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    Heal Good & Feel Good


    When you use our products not only will they have you healing good, you will be feeling good too! You can trust that all of our products are made with our mother earth in mind. We continue to do all we can to cut down on plastic use in our packaging and proudly support Newfoundland Bee farmers. 

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