Something to aid in the Sping Cleanse...


This product came to be after I had been doing the dance between Natural and Toxic deodorants, and I found that I was really stinky after using anti-perspirants for so long and then stopping. After researching, I found many sources saying that an underarm detox using natural clays to pull out toxins was helpful when transitioning from anti-perspirant to deodorant. And from that, this detox deodorant was born!


These are made from Bentonite Clay, Shea Butter, Tea Tree EO, Jojoba + Coconut Oils with Canadian Beeswax. 


Made to help pull out toxins that have been stored up within the lymphatic tissue in the armpit.


To use: rub into armpits after bathing and leave on overnight to help pull out toxins. Drink lots of water to help get things flowing ~


Comes in 50 ml tin

Detox Deodorant - With Bentonite Clay + Tea Tree Oil - 50 ml