Introducing the Flower Petal Facial Toner 🍂


To nurture your beautiful face and make you feel as fresh as a flower petal!


Made from fresh astringent + soothing flowers from my garden infused in Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. This can be used daily as a facial cleanser + toner to reduce redness, blemishes and irritation. It's very gentle, soothing, and essential oil free! This provides a gentle, toxin-free way to cleanse your face! it will have you feeling so refreshed. 


Contains: Wild Rose Petals, Yarrow and Organic Calendula infused in Organic Apple Cider Vinegar diluted with distilled water. 


To use: Apply to cotton pad or towel and wash over face or other parts of the body that may have blemishes. Only use topically and avoid contact with eyes. if contact occurs, rinse with cool water. 

Flower Petal Facial Toner - Made with Apple Cider Vinegar - 4oz