A delicious & soothing tea blend just in time for cold & flu season..

Anise hyssop can be used to relieve congestion, acting as an expectorant (clearing mucus from lungs and airways). A cold-infusion can be used to relieve chest pains caused by excessive coughing.

Echinacea is packed with vitamin C that helps promote overall health and well-being.

Both Echinacea and Anise Hyssop tea are naturally caffeine-free so they can be enjoyed all day long. Just be sure to always drink water throughout the day too to avoid dehydration than occur if drinking only herbal teas.

This tea is great on its own or sweetened with honey.

Comes in a beautiful, re-usable 4oz glass jar

Infuse roughly 1 tbsp per cup of water for 10 - 15 minutes. 💜

Garden Grown Anise Hyssop & Echinacea Flower - Loose Herbal Tea