Lavender, Hyssop & Sage Shampoo + Body Soap Bars

~made with hair strengthening cold pressed castor oil and nourishing unrefined shea butter
~scented with scalp soothing Lavender Essential oil and in-house distilled Anise Hyssop and Sage Hydrosol

To use: 
Work bar into a lather and wash scalp & hair from roots to tip. Rinse after. 

This bar moisturizes and cleanses! So we recommend skipping (and ditching) the conditioner. We recommend following upthis product with an organic apple cider vinegar hair rinse for best results.

Ingredients: *Olive Oil, *Coconut Oil, *Shea Butter, *Castor Oil, *Anise Hyssop and *Sage Hyrdosol, Lye, Lavender Essential Oil. *=Organic 

Lavender, Hyssop & Sage Shampoo + Body Bar