Summer Sun Box - Seasonal Self-care products and Astrology insights for SummerWhen your purchase this you receive the Seasonal Sun box for Summer 2021.The Summer Sun Box will Ship out/be ready for local pick-up on July 25th, there is a limited number available so pre-order is recommended. WHAT IS A SEASONAL SUN BOX? A seasonal offering of botanical self-care for body + spirit. In honour of the SUN, SELF, and our ever changing CYCLES as we travel through the stars each month. WHAT'S INSIDE A SUN BOX? All-natural handmade seasonal self-care offerings and "sun notes" with astrological insights + more! All products + notes made with the intention of nourishing our bodies and spirits as we go through our own unique journeys, while reminding us that we are all connected in this great circle of life. To help inspire connection to the changing seasons and our bodies.WHY CHOOSE A SUN BOX? WE CARE ABOUT YOU AND OUR MOTHER EARTH. In each of our boxes you will notice that we always make the effort to avoid plastic with our packaging. We Strive to be sustainable in all that we do from production to packaging. OUR SUN BOXES ARE A GREAT VALUE. ​Each box always contains from 5 - 7 items + Seasonal Sun Note and description notes of each product. Each box always has a valued worth of more than the cost to purchase. OUR SKINCARE IS NATURAL & CRUELTY FREE. ​Wildflower company skincare is always made with high quality organic ingredients and sustainably harvested and/or organically grown medicinal herbs

Summer Sun Box - Seasonal Self-care & Astrology Insights for Summer 2021