All-Natural exfoliating body polish. Our best body scrub yet! These little beauties can be used from head to toe for all-natural exfoliation. They are made with Pure Himalayan Pink Sea Salts and White Sugar whipped with Organic Coconut & Jojoba Oils and Sweet Orange Essential Oil.  🍊 

Rubbing + massaging this "body polish" into the skin in the bath or shower is a gentle but effective way of removing dead skin which rejuvenates and improves the look of skin. 

Using this scrub daily leaves skin softer and reduces redness, bumps and the look of scars. Tip: Using this scrub before shaving is helpful with preventing razor burn. ✨ 

Made from all natural ingredients: ~ Pure Pink Himalayan Sea Salts ~ Organic Coconut Oil ~ Organic Jojoba Oil ~ White Sugar ~ Sweet Orange Essential Oil 

Comes in a 125 ML glass mason jar

Sweet Orange and Coconut Body Polish - Body Scrub - 125 ML Glass Jar