I present to you my soft + true solstice offering, hand-stitched newly revised versions of my first two poetry books Tang + Ripe.

Tang + Ripe are the juice and fruit of my twenties. They are the poems I wrote as I navigated the world through late stage capitalism and found myself through exploring my creativity, astrology, relationships and plants.

I have felt such a pull to re-release these back into the world and it feels like the time is ripe to do so! They are real, raw, honest & true. They are art from my heart and I feel the world needs that right now.

My long time friend told me that they read 'Tang' when they feel lonely and like nobody gets their weirdness. They said it was a comfort.

So.. If you need to feel some comfort in your weirdness or a reminder that you aren't alone, this is it ✨

Tang + Ripe : Two Juicy Zines : Collection of Poems and Pictures