The ultimate combination of self-love, self-care & romance in a bar of soap.

This 100% natural cold process soap is made with pure ground Cinnamon, organic Hibiscus petals & infusion, Organic Rose Petals and subtle hints of Patchouli essential oil with saponified oils of coconut and olive with unrefined shea butter.


The Rose & Hibiscus petals provide gentle exfoliation while the oils are nourishing to the skin ~ combined with the scents of Cinnamon and Patchouli this bar is naturally romantic and helps one tune into their own powers of unconditional love.


Made with the intention of helping others create rituals of love. Connecting daily with the plants infused in this little bar of soap, through the simple but loving act of washing the body, can help one tap into the love that flows freely from them and to them at all times while basking in the awareness that all is full of love, made from love & returns to love. 

What can I say.. It's love magic! 


~Excellent for sensually bathing yourself or a lover xxx


*Naturally scented 
*No Perfumes
*100% Natural 
*Vegan Friendly 
*Safe for sensitive skin

The Love Magic Bar - Hibiscus Rose + Cinnamon with hints of Patchouli