· T u r m e r i c · T o n i c · 
The long awaited return of my personal favourite daily tonic. As someone who gets eczema outbreaks I like to get Turmeric into my diet daily to reduce inflammation and this yummy honey + ginger infused tincture is such an easy and delicious way to do so. ·

This can enjoyed on it's own or with herbal vinegars or teas and added to either warm or cold water. It's lovely added to carbonated water, juice, infused in cooking, or simply dropped right on the tongue. ·

Together Turmeric and Ginger have many wonderful healing benefits for the body, and can ease symptoms associated with many chronic conditions that are caused by inflammation. 🌿 

Turmeric Tonic ~ Organic Turmeric + Ginger Root Tincture - 1oz glass bottle