Wild Rose Water
Pure Rosa Rugosa Hydrosol

A hyrdating + healing multi-purpose toner spray made from fresh fragrant wild rose petals picked with love and care here in Newfoundland. 

Wild roses are deeply connected to the heart and have many wonderful benefits the skin.

Rose Water Benefits and Uses:

· Soothes skin irritation, sun burns, bug bites and eczema
· Reduces Blemishes
· Soothes sore throats
· Helps heal mouth sores
· Reduces skin redness
· Helps prevent and treats infections
· Naturally Astringent Facial Toner
· Contains antioxidants
· Heals cuts, scars, and burns
· Enhances mood
· Helps relieves headaches

Comes in 2oz Glass Spray Bottle

Wild Rose Water - Pure Rosa Rugosa Hydrosol - 2oz Glass Bottle

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