Wintertide 2021 Sun Box
Celebrating the solstice and transition into winter with products that help carry warmth and light through the darker months. 
Includes astrology insights and self-care ritual guidance.

 Inside the Wintertide Sun Box you will find... 

✨ BOTANICAL BODY BUTTER: A rich, Hydrating + Restorative Botanical Body Butter made with Yarrow, Calendula, Plantain, Unrefined Sgea Butter and Local Beeswax . 

✨ SACRED SPARK: Sweet Orange, Cardamom + Cinnamon Meditation Candle made with Soy Wax 

✨ SUGAR + SALT SCRUB: Whipped Sweet Orange, Coconut & Calendula oil Scrub with Organic Brown Sugar and Atlantic Sea Salt

 ✨ COFFEE + MINT: Exfoliating Soap Bar made with locally roasted coffee

✨ WINTER WARMER: Rose hip, Calendula, Cardamom, Cinnamon & Clove Oxymel

 ✨ Sun Note with Self-Care tips and Astrology insights for Winter as well as note cards for each individual product

Winter Sun Box - Self-Care Products & Astrology insights for Winter 2021