Beautiful, magical, mythical & medicinal Yarrow.

Steam distilled in a copper still using traditional methods. Made from locally harvested with care Yarrow flowers and leaf and spring water. 

Yarrow Hydrosol makes a lovely facial toner that is suitable for all skin types, but especially suited for skin in need of balance and healing. It is naturally astringent but not harsh or drying and is excellent for acne, congestion, and oily skin. It also works wonders on inflammation and redness.

Along with being wonderful for topical use, Yarrow is also powerful to use energetically in spiritual practices. It's believed in folklore that Yarrow helps form energetic boundaries. It is said to be especially helpful for sensitive folks who take in &  absorb too much energy & emotions from others and their surroundings. Yarrow can be sprayed on the body and around a room to help strengthen energetic boundaries. 

To top it off... Yarrow hydrosol smells great! So soothing, floral and calming just like the flowers. 

Misting my face, body and space with Yarrow has become such a special and cherished practice that helps me feel more grounded. 

I am delighted to share this special small-batch offering with you. ❤

Yarrow Hydrosol - Pure In-house Distilled Yarrow Hydrosol - 2oz Glass Bottle